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Deep Cleaning & 

1st Time Cleaning





Have things have gotten out of hand? Has the dirt accumulated so much that you can't seem to catch up. A Deep Cleaning is  your best option to get you back on track. 

Woman Cleaning Furniture

General Cleaning 




Our most cleaning package that  works best when used after our Deep Clean or First Time Cleaning package. Provides all the general tasks to help you stay caught up.

Wooden Floor

Light Cleaning







Designed for homes that get little traffic and does not need lots of maintenance; this cleaning is a lighter version of the general clean that still keeps dirt under control. 

Luxury Villa

Vacancy Cleaning 

Moving in or moving out? They are both exhausting. We can help with one or both of the cleanings.  You can just focus on packing! Also a great option for rental property owners and for apartment communities

Apartment Views

Post Construction 





The last nail is in but there's dust everywhere. This is a job for a professional. This is where we come in  and turn your new built into your new home/office. 

Showing an Apartment

Additional Services 

Check out the additional services we offer.   Also feel free to call and inquire about any other task(s) that may not be listed.

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